Startup Idea: ImproveMyLifeRightNow

You know that app Magic where you can text it anything you need help with? It’s good, but the problem is it’s not proactive. It forces you to take the initiative to use it. There should be a service that proactively sniffs out how to improve your life.

This idea is like taking my favorite Lean Startup advice that I’m always giving, where you’re always focusing on creating first sparks of value and doing whatever it takes to wedge yourself into the market, but fractalling it down so the actual service of your company is to perform an entire lean startup iteration cycle on each customer.

Given someone’s name/email/identifying info, it sucks in any data it can find about that person (MVP: You Google them, interview them and talk to their friends and family about them), and potentially has them take a survey. Then it determines best guesses for what product or service that person should be interested in, but hasn’t proactively sought out for themselves.

We live in a world full of amazing life-improving products and services, but we’re missing out on 20% of these for the simple reason that we’re not sufficiently knowledgeable and proactive about about all the ways that we can pay to improve our lives. My hypothesis is that you need a proactive third party to detect the top things you’re missing out on.

Examples of life-improving things that ImproveMyLifeRightNow can open up for you while letting you still be lazy:

  • Improve your ergonomic setup at your desk so you can work better and won’t get back pain

There are so many random products and services out there, the key is for ImproveMyLifeRightNow to develop a core competency of sniffing the biggest gaps in each person’s life that are able to be easily filled, and then take a cut of the revenue from selling the product/service.

The system could have these huge checklists of popular things that can improve the average person’s life, that dynamically updated based on the data it knows about each prospect.

Founder/CEO of Relationship Hero

Founder/CEO of Relationship Hero