How Raises and Promotions Work at Relationship Hero

I recently shared this Raises and Promotions Guide with the team at Relationship Hero. Companies who also believe in these principles might benefit from creating a similar guide.

Relationship Hero Promotion Levels

At Relationship Hero, coaching and management are two parallel tracks that offer similar promotion and raise opportunities.

  • Master Coaches also bill clients 2 credits per minute (sometimes even 3 or 4), and have extra high utilization and retention
  • How many of their Senior Coaches continue to work productively and happily at RH

Seniority Raises

The most common type of raise that companies give is a seniority raise. It goes like this: “Hey Joe, you’ve just reached another anniversary working here, and your performance is good, so we’re giving you a 5% raise. Congratulations!”

  • You’ve made some progress figuring out how to approach your work to increase stamina and avoid burnout
  • You’ve built up a larger base of returning clients now than you had last year, so you don’t need us to find you as many new clients

Raises are Win-Win

At RH, we see a raise as a mutually-beneficial situation for you and the company.

Figure 1
Figure 2

When Promotions Happen

The smoothest kind of promotion is when you get recognized as having a new role because you’ve already been doing the work of that role, regardless of still having your old position’s title.

Figure 3
Figure 4
  1. Gradually start creating more value, and talk with your manager to see if you’re on the right track
  2. Keep going on that track to increase your total value-add
  3. Reach the next milestone where your increased value-add deserves a promotion

Our company culture around raises and promotions

The principles here are not really specific to Relationship Hero; they apply to every company in a capitalist market economy. Some companies have cultures that discourage these discussions, but we’re not such a company.

Founder/CEO of Relationship Hero

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