5 “disruptive” dating app ideas

In reviewing dating startups claiming to be new and disruptive, I often find myself giving this feedback: There’s a difference between a gimmick to generate buzz, and an actual value prop. The latter is very hard, but the former is easy.

To illustrate, I’ve come up with 5 “disruptive” dating app ideas of my own:

  1. Noflakes
    One of the worst things about online dating is flakes. On Noflakes, when two people agree to a date, it takes a $100 escrow payment from both. If one of them checks into the date location at the specified time and not the other, they get the flake’s $100 (minus a nominal fee).
  2. BSwipe
    The problem with dating today is that you meet someone who seems perfect, and then they have bad breath. When you match with someone on BSwipe, each of you must then breath into a mason jar and mail it to the other. The app’s chat feature only becomes enabled once we receive both delivery confirmations.
  3. Poor Pair
    The deepest bonds are formed over stories of mutual financial hardship. A credit card is required to enter, so that we can run a charge and confirm that it gets declined.
  4. Baby Babe
    Tired of people posting profile pictures from 10 years ago? On Baby Babe, that’s not a problem because everyone’s pics are from at least 20 years ago. Only baby pictures are allowed; that way, you get to see their true natural body without all the fickle changes dealt by the circumstances of their life history.
  5. False Hope
    The problem with dating apps for the millennial generation is that girls receive 5x more messages than guys. On False Hope, girls can’t message guys they like until they first message 4 guys that they don’t like, pretending that they do like them. That way guys are guaranteed to either find love or false hope.

If you’re interested to invest in any of these ideas, please send me a mason jar of breath and I’ll be in touch.

Founder/CEO of Relationship Hero

Founder/CEO of Relationship Hero